Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We Had A Deal - The World Owes You Nothing

We Had A Deal are a five-piece from Stuttgart, Germany. The band combines elements of hardcore/punk/screamo on their debut full-length, 'The World Owes You Nothing'.
On first listen, the first few songs didn't immediately stick, but around the halfway mark I could tell the album would be a grower. The drummer primarily keeps the ship from sinking, and the others provide a steady gust in the sails.

They might not flip your wig with any unknown tricks, but what's presented is an immediate, tangible album to enjoy.
...And the album-cover reminds me a lot of City of Caterpillar's debut -- whether or not it contains the same mystique and staying-power I'll leave up to you.

The World Owes You Nothing
mind the graves