Friday, July 31, 2009

Stephen Brodsky's Octave Museum

Octave Museum was one side-project of Cave In singer/guitarist Stephen Brodsky.
When Cave In went on hiatus in 2006, Brodsky formed Octave Museum with two others and released one album before ending the project.

The music on
'Stephen Brodsky's Octave Museum' is a large departure from his work in Cave In -- all clean vocals (with some electronic manipulation) and generally just light-hearted pop/rock songs.

An interesting listen...recommend checking it out, fan of Cave In or not.
If you
are a fan of Cave In, probably already heard of the band's reuniting -- releasing their vinyl-only EP, 'Planets of Old'.
Haven't had a chance to listen yet, but you can stream that EP here.

Stephen Brodsky's Octave Museum
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Genelec & Memphis Reigns - Scorpion Circles

'Scorpion Circles' was the collaborative mind-child of Santa Cruz MC's Genelec, who also produced the album, and Memphis Reigns. The fact that this album came out in 2002, and has far and wide been SO SLEPT ON ...

The beats on this album (with Middle-Eastern flavor) sound so ahead of their time -- or timeless -- whatever, the point I'm making is that they're GOOD. And both Genelec & Memphis Reigns display precision flows, cutting in and out of the tracks with ease and exuberance.

Haven't found such a precious gem in hip-hop since 'Savage Intelligence'.
Warning you now that shit is 'gonna flip your wig.
13 choice tracks.

Scorpion Circles
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Cex - Role Model

"Rjyan" Kidwell

Cex is the work of Ryan Kidwell, an IDM virtuoso beginning at the age of 16. Kidwell came into business with Miguel Depedro (Kid 606) and began Tigerbeat6 records, whose artists (Cex included) stood on the forefront of interesting and dynamic electronica.

Kidwell's first release on Tigerbeat6 is something of a fan favorite, his second full-length,
'Role Model'. The album is an electronic-brain full of ideas, shifting without notice and approaching structure moment-by-moment, flipping foundations with ease.

His 2001 follow-up
'Oops, I Did It Again!' saw him return to form -- often sporadic IDM with little to no vocals. Kidwell was determined to expand his scope though, and on following releases began to experiment more with vocals and rapping.
Truthfully I haven't looked into these later albums (such as the notorious 'Tall, Dark, & Handcuffed'), as his fanbase seems pretty divided on them, but later albums like
'Maryland Mansions' seemed to have won over many of his fans by returning to his roots/arguably better talents.

'Role Model' is one of my favorite electronic albums to put on, really makes you appreciate the endless possibilities of electronic music, likewise the appreciation of someone like Kidwell to make it all digestable. I'd recommend 'Oops, I Did It Again!' too, another quality release.

Role Model
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fall of Efrafa - Inlé

Fall of Efrafa are a five-piece post-metal/hardcore-punk group from Brighton, UK.
The band has a trilogy of albums based on the mythology of Richard Adams' "Watership Down", which they've dubbed "The Warren of Snares". The third in this series is the band's recently released 'Inlé' ("death").

Knowledge of the book isn't critical for appreciating the music, but a definite grabbing point for those of interest.

The band released 'Inlé' for free download/streaming, grab it below and show support.
"Republic of Heaven" has to be my favorite -- massive track.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Family - Toscco

Happy Family were an experimental/instrumental quartet from Japan. The band combined elements of prog/zeuhl with plenty of bombast -- extended jams with nice output from all members.
Tatsuya Myano (bass) is probably the standout for me, his calisthenic grooves are usually the backbone and driving force of the songs.

Of their 2 albums, the eponymous debut is pretty interesting, but their 1997 opus, '
Toscco' is the highlight and pinnacle of their work. Tracks like "The Sushi Bar" and "The Three Leaves Insect" are bound to impress -- just high-quality musicianship all around.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Golden - s/t

1998 self-titled release from Ohio rock-group Golden.
Golden is most-recognized as the band that Jon Theodore played in prior to The Mars Volta.
Playing this album has again reminded me of Theodore's finesse chops, even in his early career. Though the rest of the band definitely pull their own weight -- guitarist Ian Eagleson really fills out the direction, but just solid output altogether.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mothlite - The Flax of Reverie

Mothlite is assembled by dual-collaborators Daniel O'Sullivan (multi-instrumentalist/composer; for groups such as Ulver and Miasma & the Carousel of Headless Horses) and Antii Uusimaki (producer/engineer who's worked with Brian Eno, others).

I've been playing the 2008 debut-album, 'The Flax of Reverie' the past week or so, sometimes if only to hear the opener "Riverside"; subtle guitar builds into a creeping dirge with O'Sullivan's words echoing to a graceful comedown, then races out before you can hear it all again ..
I mean, the other songs are good -- don't get me wrong, but that track is the immediate standout for me. I trust your judgement will suit you though.

The snippets & new material are sounding good, too.

The Flax of Reverie
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yura Yura Teikoku - No Memai / No Shibire

More Yura Yura Teikoku, per-request and because the world could always use more. After hunting down this band's discog, they've basically commandeered my listening -- such a huge catalog with a crazy spectrum of stuff.

I think I've arrived at my favorites; 'No Memai' & 'No Shibire', a double-album of sorts -- released on the same day to compliment one another. Recommended to play in that order.
I truthfully can't stop listening to them. And I don't think I want to.

No Memai

No Shibire
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Endless Dismal Moan - Lord of Nightmare

"Chaos 9"/Takuya Tsutsi (R.I.P.)

Endless Dismal Moan was the black-metal outlet of Japan's Takuya Tsutsi.
Under the moniker "Chaos 9", Takuya released three full-length albums from inception in 2001, ending with his unfortunate death & passing in 2008.

I stumbled upon his second full-length, '
Lord of Nightmare', and the first thing that grabbed me was Tsutsi's voice. Agony and general malice seem the trademark emotions conveyed in BM, and while the dude abides, Tsutsi's voice seems to pull at something darker.. I don't think Tsutsi could have arrived at a more fitting name than "Endless Dismal Moan" -- his mastery of subtle to savage vocals creates enough imagery and atmospherics to shame most BM acts with ease.
I'd go as far as to say that I haven't heard a better, more unique vocalist in the realm of extremes since Alan Dubin.

The album art
might be the worst album-cover ever (for BM that's saying something), but you'd be kicking yourself to not pay tribute to such a unique voice and overall great album.

Lord of Nightmare
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Half Makeshift - L'anse Amort

Half Makeshift was the work of Maryland's Nathan Michael. At the age of 18, Michael began to record drone/ambient parts using a number of different instruments, often returning to a recording months later and injecting new life into his songs.
His short career spawned a few gems, such as the four-song 'L'anse Amort'.
Three of the four songs clock in at 10+ minutes, leading down static-corridors with pockets of ambient-allure. Whether the atmosphere strikes you as dark or uplifting, Half Makeshift certainly breathes soul through sound; keen listeners will be rewarded a scratching of the mind's back -- if only for solace in the destitute place they've been left.
Best to let it whirl around in headphones + turned up.

Nathan Michael unfortunately announced the end of Half Makeshift in 2008, on the basis that the world will end in 2011. If it doesn't happen too quickly, 'L'anse Amort' should be a good send-off to the end, but today it should be a good reminder that the only certain apocalypse is yesterday.

L'anse Amort
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another phone - 8 minutos

Another phone is the alias of a gent in Mexico, he was kind enough to drop off his '8 minutos' EP in my mail. The EP is a comfortable electronic/glitch experiment with the only vocals occurring at the middle-mark.
As the EP suggests, the total time is 8 minutes.
Good stuff -- give it a listen.

8 minutos
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

AFTA-1 x GAS'D - Love Is Real Vol. 3: Selections of Audible Love

Haven't had a chance to listen yet, but a free release taken from here. Unfamiliar with quite a few peeps on here, so chances are you'll discover someone new.. (I joined ship for AFTA-1)

"For this installment of LOVE IS REAL, GAS’D has completely entrusted me with your ears,
to take you on an hour long ▲❍▼❏ experience through some of my favorite listening material.
Selections of Audible Love is a sound scape of tracks old and new, featuring a collection of good friends, contemporaries,
and other artists influential in my own musical journey. “sit still,” twist one up, light the incense and enjoy.




1. Cazeaux O.S.L.O - Conan Bout With Circumstance :

2. Dwilt Sharpp ft. Lorett Fleur - I Need You Close (pts. 1&2 edit) : ,

3. J Dilla - Dimepiece (Instrumental) : The Shining Instrumentals (2006)

4. Self Scientific - Love Bird : Change (2005)

5. Boom Clap Bachelors - Tiden Flyver (edit) :

6. AFTA-1 - Tiden Flyver Remix :

7. Jesse Boykins III - Pantyhose (Instrumental) :

8. Platinum Pied Pipers - Stay With Me (Instrumental) : PPP Instrumentals (2008)

9. Nite Jewel - What Did He Say :

10. Dam-Funk - Indigo :

11. J Davey - Hi Sun :

12. A Race Of Angels - We :

13. Sa Ra - Downlow :

14. Op Swamp 81 - Another Day :

15. Cazeaux O.S.L.O. - Wildo Cheese Wind :

16. Shuanise - Etoile (Produced by Fella Vaughn) : ,

17. Dwilt Sharpp ft. Lorett Fleur - U & Endeavour ,

18. Alpha - Nyquil : Come From Heaven (1997)

19. Steve Spacek - Hidden Track : Space Shift (2006)

20. AFTA-1 - Love Suite 2 (Sit Still) : GAS’D EXCLUSIVE

Love Is Real Vol. 3: Selections of Audible Love
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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Today's News

Swarm of the Lotus are back together.

Harlots are on indefinite hiatus.

Now over to Mark with the weather.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Bend Sinister - Through the Broken City

Bend Sinister remind me of an artsy younger brother of My Chemical Romance. The misunderstood brother who doesn't speak as loud but more carefully plans his words, thoughts; who has to prove himself simply by association ...
I'm only making this ridiculous analogy because I'd be lying if I didn't think their vocalist often resembles Gerard Way.

If you haven't unbookmarked my page yet, or closed this in sheer horror (you fragile thing) -- I believe you'll find one of the undiscovered gems of the past few years.

Hailing from Kelowna, BC, Bend Sinister earned a following from their live shows, propelling them to Vancouver with $5,000 in their pockets to produce their debut album in 2005, '
Through the Broken City'.
Writing accessible rock/pop often causes the emotion to get lost in the process, but Bend Sinister proved that
how you say something is equally or more important than what's being said; each song has a distinct feel and vibe -- a push/pull of every member playing off one another.

A solid debut album from a terribly overlooked band (1,800 listeners on as of this writing)...

Really recommend giving this a try -- if you're thinking of passing it up because of my early comparison, you're missing out (and a little uptight, eh?). The band released their follow-up last October, a concept album called '
Stories of Brothers, Tales of Lovers'.

Through the Broken City
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We Had A Deal - The World Owes You Nothing

We Had A Deal are a five-piece from Stuttgart, Germany. The band combines elements of hardcore/punk/screamo on their debut full-length, 'The World Owes You Nothing'.
On first listen, the first few songs didn't immediately stick, but around the halfway mark I could tell the album would be a grower. The drummer primarily keeps the ship from sinking, and the others provide a steady gust in the sails.

They might not flip your wig with any unknown tricks, but what's presented is an immediate, tangible album to enjoy.
...And the album-cover reminds me a lot of City of Caterpillar's debut -- whether or not it contains the same mystique and staying-power I'll leave up to you.

The World Owes You Nothing
mind the graves