Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mothlite - The Flax of Reverie

Mothlite is assembled by dual-collaborators Daniel O'Sullivan (multi-instrumentalist/composer; for groups such as Ulver and Miasma & the Carousel of Headless Horses) and Antii Uusimaki (producer/engineer who's worked with Brian Eno, others).

I've been playing the 2008 debut-album, 'The Flax of Reverie' the past week or so, sometimes if only to hear the opener "Riverside"; subtle guitar builds into a creeping dirge with O'Sullivan's words echoing to a graceful comedown, then races out before you can hear it all again ..
I mean, the other songs are good -- don't get me wrong, but that track is the immediate standout for me. I trust your judgement will suit you though.

The snippets & new material are sounding good, too.

The Flax of Reverie
mind the graves


aleswy said...

Thanks for sharing this album. I wait sounds like Ulver (lastest)