Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Nine - The Difference

The latest from one of the greatest, New York's NINE!  I'd been anxiously awaiting his next official release since the incredible 2011 offering 'SoN.Y.' -- all the loose tracks he did between these releases are also consistently amazing, both under Nine and his other alias Quinine Milli.  Gotta check Youtube too for some others.

'The Difference' is aptly nine tracks that individually stand as their own unique incarnations of hip hop, professed in my opinion from one of the greatest MC's to ever do it.  I'd be lying if I said I haven't had this on repeat since its official release on June 19th.  I uploaded two tracks to Youtube (below) and hopefully they convince any new listeners or long time fans to give Nine his proper respects.  Opening track "Go Again" blazes out the gates, and when it reaches the concluding track and arguably the most seasoned Nine track to date, "B4", you'll likely find yourself hitting the repeat on "Go Again" to hear it all over again.

IMO Nine has never released a less than great album, and I believe he deserves all the veneration and accolades compared to anyone doing it then or now.  Not to mention that all of his releases manage to consistently stay fresh and different.  The best news?  He has even more material planned for this year.  RESPECT!