Thursday, March 24, 2011

Buffalo Daughter - The Weapons of Math Destruction

Latest album from Buffalo Daughter.
This was definitely in my favorites of 2010 -- and probably my favorite release so far from BD.
The vocals on this are just so smooth -- Sugar & Yumiko Ohno bounce back and forth/together so well, and even with the absence of MoOoG (vocally), they gained ex-Cibo Matto vocalist Miho Hatori, who compliments "The Battle Field In My Head"...probably my favorite BD track to date (re: hawt).
Per their person, the album mixes it up fresh track to track -- some angular instrumentals, some skewed beats; just generally the same lovable stylized weirdness that won me over in the first place -- just blown up to bigger proportions.

Tephra - Tempel

Latest release from Germany's Tephra.
Expect the same Neu-metal goodness with a bit more variety (vox especially)...pretty solid.
They're back to a four-piece after the keyboard player disbanded.

Robot Koch - Songs for Trees & Cyborgs

Raining Bloop

Latest output from Robot Koch, featuring some fam-faces like RQM & 1000names.
Finally got around to digging into this album; probably his most driving diverse directions alliterations.

It's neat(o), IMO.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sourface - Social Therapy Vol. 2

Latest remixes/beats/bangers from m8 Brammers.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rival Tribes - Tiger Print

Rival Tribes are a (studio) three-piece from New York.
They released their six-track EP 'Tiger Print' in February, an energetic surf-sounding/math-mash of experimental rock. Vocals are rare and welcome, sometimes spruced to effects and interjected off the keys. Overall fifteen minutes of cool warping in the sun.