Friday, October 18, 2013

Fura - Fura

Fura was founded in late 2008 when 4 musicians from around the world decided to combine their artistic creativity resulting in a musical experiment with a sound that is similar to a ferret (fura in catalan): they could sleep many hours, entering in a state of absolute calm, to become a very active and curious animal.
They relased their first EP called “Mustela Putorius” on November 2010.

Big shout-out to Fura for passing this new (September) self-titled release to me -- some of the best instrumental post/math rock I've heard.  In my ongoing sandwich metaphors, this six song album opens and closes with two tasty tracks each, where the middle-meat isn't quite as eccentric but none the less filling.  Great drumming and rhythms, sharp and accentuated guitars, and that over empowering post-rock vibe that doesn't try too hard to be EPIC, but is.  Personal favorite is "Sibil·la", but anyone looking for some fresh instrumental/post rock sounds should definitely bring Fura into the fold.  The cover-art is pretty slick too.