Thursday, December 8, 2016

Goon - Dusk of Punk

Goon is the mind-child of Kenny Baker (^center), who wrote/recorded/mixed and even painted the creation of EP 'Dusk of Punk'; Caleb Wicker assisted with 'br00tal' guitar on tracks "Gay Rage" and "Merchant Hall", the latter of which is also assisted vocally by Teddy Bresson.

Musically this sounds like what you might expect from a young garage band in LA -- with windows letting in a good mix of sunshine and pollution.  Even though the album is very much DIY with that garage/alternative aesthetic, it doesn't sound like the mic was wrapped in a blanket, nor does it really adhere to one specific ongoing sound.  The middle two tracks (mentioned above) are a prime example, also of which seemingly "justify" the name of the EP (read: they're punk-y/grunge).  This is probably a result of adding more musicians, of which I might argue he should have those dudes stick around.  This isn't to say Kenny doesn't stand as well solo -- in fact I enjoy the opening track "Dizzy" as my personal sounds like an alternative blast from the 90's that should readily make its way into some car commercial for a hybrid driving on a beach.  Or something.

I believe this is their first official release, but either way a grand introduction to a group that should have a prosperous future.  Check out their bandcamp to score a cassette/CD/shirt.