Friday, October 30, 2009

Book Of Dead Names - The Story Unfolds

Book Of Dead Names are a now-defunct screamo group formed in Minneapolis in 1999. The band released a handful of splits and one full-length swan-song with 2002's, 'The Story Unfolds'.

Screamo with GROOVE.
Worth hearing to the final track -- which is noteworthy for the band's scope, experimenting with a longer (8+ mins to their usual 2), concluding track.

The Story Unfolds
mind the graves

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A City Safe From Sea - Throw Me Through Walls

A City Safe From Sea are a four-piece based around Massachusetts, who play a tight mixture of polished pop-prowess with a raw punk-rock aesthetic -- think the likes of BearvsShark, This City Sunrise, The Plastic Constellations, etc.

Thought the band deserved some more listeners, debut full-length they put out this summer, '
Throw Me Through Walls' is pretty solid material -- for a debut the fellas are definitely on their game.

Nice work all around, and listing Killing Joke under their influences sealed the deal.
Give it a listen/show support.

Throw Me Through Walls
mind the graves

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jesca Hoop - Hunting My Dress

I tend to avoid duplicate-posting from my homie at Mirror Shades, but Jesca Hoop's latest, '
Hunting My Dress', deserves the repetition. The album is due in the states early next year, and I highly suggest lending your ears to her previous album, and specifically the KCRW session.
Awesome voice.

Hunting My Dress
mind the graves

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Discordless - 148 Light Years

Discordless is a collective from Romania consisting of Marius Costache (noise), Ana Roman (piano), Costin Chioreanu (guitar), Jeno Havelaar (noise), and Razvan Raduta (drums).

I've been meaning to post this -- someone in the band emailed me and I was really taken-back at the quality of the album, the latter-half especially with standouts like the title-track and "Red Giant".
Great variation and approach throughout the album -- no two tracks are really alike.

Keep tabs.

148 Light Years
mind the graves

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Comadre - Burn Your Bones

Comadre are a hardcore band from California, and as the story usually goes, built from the remains of other hardcore groups. 'Burn Your Bones' is their middle-mark 2nd full length from 2006, and covers their influences from Rites of Spring to Refused.. just a solid punk/hardcore release.

Some mixtapes (also their latest full-length '
A Wolf Ticket', if you wish) can be found for free right here.

Can't say myself, but the band sounds an experience live if you get the chance, touring with other hardcore/grind acts like Graf Orlock.

Burn Your Bones
mind the graves

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mogwai - Happy Songs For Happy People

Mogwai are a fairly recognized/staple post-rock group from Glasgow, Scotland. Mogwai apparently
don't even want you to call them post-rock, but Slint were one of their biggest chew that over with a twix.
Kind of redundant, yeah?

In 2003 I impulse-bought '
Happy Songs For Happy People' as my introduction to the group -- and truthfully from my time of writing this, didn't really listen to it often.

All I can say is that this album has aged well; the near-formulaic build-ups & crashes attributed to post-rock are manifested through this album with extreme attention to detail, to the point that the density of the journey outweighs the destination...or like, the erupting volcanoes and shit on your way to the destination.

This is in 128kbps ripped from my CD...
The album has a fair amount of grime though so it does it a favor.
It still sounds good.

Happy Songs For Happy People
mind the graves

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brainticket - Celestial Ocean

Founding member Joel Vandroogenbroeck

Hey man, wanna try some Brainticket?...

It's this Belgium-led product from the 70's.. guaranteed to transport you to another dimension, m
They say that the debut form '
Cottonwoodhill' was too potent to handle, so the government like stepped in and regulated the trip, maan.

Let your soul loose before they take away our physical freedoms, yeah?
Dive into the '
Celestial Ocean'.....


[70's experimental: x][drug references: x][cosmic ellipses: x][Vin Diesel and/or Ice Cube: xxx]

Celestial Ocean [1974]
mind the graves

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Echoes of Yul

Echoes of Yul are a relatively new doom/ambient duo from Poland. Their 2009 eponymous debut is a droned, sludged, and ultimately dark album with some well-placed vocal samples/spoken word passages.

Band does a great job of approaching songs with a tasteful metal/heavy edge, carried by dense ambient atmospherics. For being a longer album, it really moves at a steady clip; minus a lull from "Pony" to "Ape", '
Echoes of Yul' is a feedback-tuned wall of sound that crushes to the core.

"Clean" has to be a favorite...

Echoes of Yul
mind the graves

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sequence Pulse - Play Both Ends Against the Middle

Sequence Pulse is a post-rock four-piece from Japan. In 2007 they released their third full-length, 'Play Both Ends Against the Middle'.

Band escapes the greatest enemy of post-rock (boring), credited in-part by the busy drums. Reminds me of 65daysofstatic sometimes, mostly because of said drumming and clever usage of synths.

Recommended, etc.

Play Both Ends Against the Middle
mind the graves

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dangers - Anger

Dangers are a recent discovery for me -- hardcore/punk group from Southern California with no holds barred lyrics amidst thunderous grooves.

Their 2006 full length '
Anger' is an adrenaline-fused back-handed slap to the earsticles that's sure to get a reaction -- most likely a reaction that involves tapping of the foot, shimmying of the arm, and the bobbing of the head.

Whatever, it's fierce and feral shit that only the realest will realize.

A favorite among favorites:

"Half Brother, All Cop"

The follow-up album is due sometime soon, can listen to some rough mixes of that here.

mind the graves

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Implex Grace

Implex Grace is the ambient/noise work of Chicago's Michael Perry Goodman.

I was looking for certain Bleeding Heart Narrative, who share a label with Goodman on Distance Recordings, and came across his work in Implex Grace -- the 'Through Luminescent Passages' double-disc.

It follows the familiar concept of a white/black album, with lighter and more ethereal stuff on the first, and darker, harsher material on the second.

Neat stuff.
Probably prefer the first disc but enjoy both -- nice contrast to compliment individually...recommend especially for fans of stuff like Shuttle 358.

And if you peruse around the aforementioned label you might stumble on some other lesser-known ambient gems.

Through Luminescent Passages: I

Through Luminescent Passages: II
mind the graves