Monday, November 30, 2015

d.whale - Revelations EP

'Revelations is a metaphor for an awakening. South Jersey Hip-Hop conglomerate Music Crave Ent. (d.whale, EPIK & YK) release their debut EP “Revelations.” The project is a narrative of the lives of the artist beginning with their adolescence glorifying bankrolls, cars, clothes, hoes and drugs. Towards the middle of the project the artist experience their “Revelation” in which they realize what is priority and most important in their existence on the planet. It’s not all bout being a rapper but being a leader and being a source of inspiration for your generation. The question is what’s you “Revelation?”' - via Soundcloud

Really nice free mixtape helmed by the young and talented DeJuan Whaley (d.whale) and a plethora of producers with some really nice features including the likes of Mick Jenkins.  This covers a lot of ground appropriately for its conceptual design, magnified by all the hands in the pie throughout the project.  The constant is the presence of d.whale, whom has shown with the scope of this EP that he'll hopefully be in your ear for the foreseeable future.