Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Scattle - Street Heat

Scattle is the man mainly responsible for the sleekly flavorful Hotline Miami soundtrack(s), and at just 21 years old, harbors an immensely bright future for his dark electronic sounds.  

When Scattle isn't making music for one of the coolest game franchises around, he's releasing his own solo works (and developing games), much in the vein of his work for Hotline Miami with his adrenaline-fueled, bright & grimy synthed-out surges.  When Scattle really stretches he includes vocal samples and chops them around, showing that he not only directs great beats, but also ornaments them with equal panache.

Hotline Miami 2 drops this March, and if unfamiliar, his latest EP 'Street Heat' is a great starting point for plugging in.