Sunday, July 12, 2009

Half Makeshift - L'anse Amort

Half Makeshift was the work of Maryland's Nathan Michael. At the age of 18, Michael began to record drone/ambient parts using a number of different instruments, often returning to a recording months later and injecting new life into his songs.
His short career spawned a few gems, such as the four-song 'L'anse Amort'.
Three of the four songs clock in at 10+ minutes, leading down static-corridors with pockets of ambient-allure. Whether the atmosphere strikes you as dark or uplifting, Half Makeshift certainly breathes soul through sound; keen listeners will be rewarded a scratching of the mind's back -- if only for solace in the destitute place they've been left.
Best to let it whirl around in headphones + turned up.

Nathan Michael unfortunately announced the end of Half Makeshift in 2008, on the basis that the world will end in 2011. If it doesn't happen too quickly, 'L'anse Amort' should be a good send-off to the end, but today it should be a good reminder that the only certain apocalypse is yesterday.

L'anse Amort
mind the graves