Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Golden - s/t

1998 self-titled release from Ohio rock-group Golden.
Golden is most-recognized as the band that Jon Theodore played in prior to The Mars Volta.
Playing this album has again reminded me of Theodore's finesse chops, even in his early career. Though the rest of the band definitely pull their own weight -- guitarist Ian Eagleson really fills out the direction, but just solid output altogether.

mind the graves


Anonymous said...

hey man do you mind re-upping the link for Golden i really want to check them out but its not working. Also do you have the new sleepy eyes of death cd?

lessMTVmoreTMV said...

np, re-upped.

unfamiliar with sleepy eyes of death so I'll have to check that out...

Anonymous said...

Nice! thanks a lot man. If you have never heard also you should check out Talons, About Tess, Adebisi Shank, It's the End, Tera Melos, I am above on the left, mass movement of the moth! . I really really want the new sleepy eyes of death- towards a damaged horizon but i can't find it anywhere! :(