Friday, July 3, 2009

Bend Sinister - Through the Broken City

Bend Sinister remind me of an artsy younger brother of My Chemical Romance. The misunderstood brother who doesn't speak as loud but more carefully plans his words, thoughts; who has to prove himself simply by association ...
I'm only making this ridiculous analogy because I'd be lying if I didn't think their vocalist often resembles Gerard Way.

If you haven't unbookmarked my page yet, or closed this in sheer horror (you fragile thing) -- I believe you'll find one of the undiscovered gems of the past few years.

Hailing from Kelowna, BC, Bend Sinister earned a following from their live shows, propelling them to Vancouver with $5,000 in their pockets to produce their debut album in 2005, '
Through the Broken City'.
Writing accessible rock/pop often causes the emotion to get lost in the process, but Bend Sinister proved that
how you say something is equally or more important than what's being said; each song has a distinct feel and vibe -- a push/pull of every member playing off one another.

A solid debut album from a terribly overlooked band (1,800 listeners on as of this writing)...

Really recommend giving this a try -- if you're thinking of passing it up because of my early comparison, you're missing out (and a little uptight, eh?). The band released their follow-up last October, a concept album called '
Stories of Brothers, Tales of Lovers'.

Through the Broken City
mind the graves