Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Family - Toscco

Happy Family were an experimental/instrumental quartet from Japan. The band combined elements of prog/zeuhl with plenty of bombast -- extended jams with nice output from all members.
Tatsuya Myano (bass) is probably the standout for me, his calisthenic grooves are usually the backbone and driving force of the songs.

Of their 2 albums, the eponymous debut is pretty interesting, but their 1997 opus, '
Toscco' is the highlight and pinnacle of their work. Tracks like "The Sushi Bar" and "The Three Leaves Insect" are bound to impress -- just high-quality musicianship all around.

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Marcus said...

checking this one out, cheers!

lessMTVmoreTMV said...

album grows on me each listen