Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Konceptual Dominance - Savage Intelligence

Konceptual Dominance (King Koncepts/Koncepts Unlimited & Kirby Dominant) released a gem of a debut album in 2000; 'Savage Intelligence' cuts as a quick-witted and fluid hip-hop release that stands among the finest offered from the Bay Area.

Koncepts & Kirby described the album as an observation on the evils of men -- and the thriving influence of man's "Savage Intelligence". Both Koncepts & Kirby meld together seemlessly, hitting you like the Binary Star you never heard. Savage? Yes. Intelligent? Yes.
Don't sleep on this album.

Your lyrics ain't penetratin'
They need some medication --
cause they sickly
Drop the M-I-C and get you an I-V

Savage Intelligence
mind the graves


Anonymous said...

Re post this cd please its good

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great album