Monday, July 28, 2008

Arti E Mestieri - Tilt: Immagini per un orecchio

Italy's Arti E Mestieri are arguably one of the most interesting and original bands in the realm of progressive rock. The first time I heard 'Tilt: Immagini per un orecchio', I was curious how they didn't get as much praise/mention as other prog goliaths such as The Mahavishnu Orchestra. The band has been creating and releasing material for over twenty-odd years, collapsing in the late seventies and re-uniting in 1999 with 5/6 of the original members.

If you're unfamiliar,
'Tilt' is the perfect place to start, as it's easily one of their best releases -- just a shining example of great symphonic jazz-rock.

"Gravità 981"
(w/o their amazing drummer Furio Chirico)

Tilt: Immagini per un orecchio
mind the graves