Thursday, July 17, 2008


Their other black shirts were dirty

Spain's adrift have quickly become one of my favorite bands -- the first I heard of them was their debut album 'Troya' in 2004 -- which hit me as a beautiful crossing between Isis and Neurosis. Then, this year, they released the masterpiece known as 'Monolito'. Imagine riffs bigger than your friend's sister, a singer who could lead -- and scare -- Satan's army, a drummer with enough tricks up his sleeve to reveal something new with each listen, and an all-encompassing crushing and atmospheric sound that ultimately makes you feel small.

I can't praise these guys enough -- with influences ranging from King Crimson, Fugazi, Converge, Sonic Youth, Botch and others, they forge out their own unique sound, often arriving at a more complex-sounding Eyehategod.

Even if the before-mentioned bands/genres don't strike a key with you, I guarantee you can appreciate this band. You might even sit little Jimmy down ten years from now and tell him about the first time you heard 'Monolito'. And if Jimmy yells, "YOU'RE NOT MY FATHER!", it won't make these albums any less great. So you'll have that.


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