Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Buffalo Daughter - Euphorica

Buffalo Daughter formed in 1993, settling as a three-piece with ex-Havana Erotica members suGar Yoshinaga (guitar/vocals) and Yumiko Ohno (bass/vocals), with the addition of MoOog Yamamoto (turntables/vocals).

The band has been labeled as part of the
Shibuya-kei movement in Japan -- a sub-genre of Japanese pop music best described as a mix between pop, jazz, and electropop.

After hearing their latest (2006) album, '
Euphorica', I found myself listening to the album over and over again (as I am now) in an attempt to better understand it. The album transitions from the aptly titled, "Peace" to suGar and Yumiko crooning:
"I love you by the hour -- I'm your
sometime lover. I fix you dinner -- yeah, sometimes I am your mother" over "Sometime Lover", followed by an ecstasy-filled trip through the forest for "Bird Song".

And that's just 3 songs on the album.

From left: suGar, MoOog, Yumiko

First listens might paint 'Euphorica' as odd and carefree background music, but repeated listens should uncover Buffalo Daughter's intricate complexities, and in my opinion, mirror a band equally dark and twisted.





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