Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kashiwa Daisuke

Big Macs / Big Brain

Kashiwa Daisuke's 'Program Music I' was one of my favorite finds last year -- an electronic virtuoso who crafted an ethereal two song, hour long, one-man symphonic masterpiece. Daisuke uses a wide array of instruments, throws them in a digital blender, and whips up something beautifully refreshing.

I quickly snatched up the rest of his catalog, one after another realizing the extreme talent and future ahead of him. I'd even say Daisuke is one of the greats to ever tackle the genre -- his already small catalog could stand up against the like of Katsuhiko Maeda (World's End Girlfriend), with no signs of slowing down.

Just an outstanding and visionary composer/musician. If you haven't heard -- give it a listen.

Program Music I [2007]

april.#07 [april.#02 remix album]


deepblue [4 versions of "deepblue" from april.#02]
mind the graves


amareus said...

Best album this year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Recently got the program music album and I was looking for the others records. and all are beautiful. thanks again. Great job, your blog is awesome.