Wednesday, July 16, 2008


HARLOTS are a technical/progressive metal band based out of Ohio and Indiana, with influences ranging from Sigur Ros to Don Caballero and Discordance Axis. I was introduced to the band with 'This Is The Second Death', then followed up with their latest release, 'Betrayer'. This band makes some extremely engaging and aggressive music, thanks mostly to their kinetic drummer and guitar player.

Both albums display a great amount of depth, implementing post-rock sweeping melodies woven between the bands often crushing assaults on your ear-pussies. Whether you're a fan of hardcore/metal or not, you will find a place of nirvana with Harlots (because no one can deny the impact of a song like
"Dried Up Goliathan").

Plus, they put on a great live show:

This Is The Second Death

mind the graves