Monday, July 7, 2008

Ad Astra Per Aspera

Ad Astra Per Aspera (or "Through hardships to the stars") is a Kansas-based indie/punk/tropical band who first caught my attention with their fabulous 2004 EP, 'Cubic Zirconia'. The five-piece is literally a labor of love -- two of the members are married, another two dating, and I'm guessing the bass-player does mad drugs and gets all the groupies. Maybe.

The 2006 follow-up full length '
Catapult Calypso' is another solid release, though the EP is hard to top. Currently they're back in the studio working on four separate 7" releases (the first of which is done, and you can hear the 2 songs on their myspace):

"Each 7" is dedicated to a specific influence. Originally we wanted each 7" to be genre-specific, but we've already strayed from that. The first 7" then well be a Rock / Avant-Rock influence. The second 7" is Afro-Pop influenced. The third 7" will contain two instrumental songs that i call "slow-burners." The fourth 7" influence is undetermined. Punk? Hardcore? Country? Sasquatch?"

Exciting band worth checking out -- I put both of these in one link.

Cubic Zirconia EP

Catapult Calypso
mind the graves