Friday, December 31, 2010

RQM - Colors Fade (Broken Haze remix)

Came to my attention that Broken Haze did a remix of friend RQM...
Add his version to the collective of 'Colors Fade', which is actually off the Japanese version of the EP entitled 'Colors Refaded', featuring all different/Japanese producers & remixes of the two tracks.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sound Watch

Monday, December 13, 2010

Azat - Lost In Noise

Latest Azat? Yeah girl.
Not only that, but 30:30 of new Azat?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Midori - shinsekai

Latest 2010 output from Japan's interesting weirdness, Midori (ミドリ).
Another nice blend of jazz/pop/punk/scramz. Almost sounds like a timely festive album, plus the part where your long-lost relative finds the liquor cabinet and starts inflicting cerebral assaults over romping carols.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Customer - Soft Comedy EP

Customer is...
better summated themselves:
"Customer is the beginning of what is commonly called the end. The idea is a simple one, creating music for the sake of creating music. There are no deep underlying themes in this music. In fact there aren’t even any members because everyone is a customer. They create some of the most under whelming sonic imagery ever to be conceived. Most likely, their message is… relax. Customer released Checkout Line in 2007, the Chocolate Ants EP in 2008 and the Soft Comedy EP in October 2010"

To be more literal I think it's three dudes from Ohio, playing folktronica/IDM. Some guitar in the mix, samples ranging from shampoo commercials(?), the X-Files, and I-wanna-say the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (specifically the segment the Hellacopters sampled in "Gotta Get Some Action (Now)!").
Unsure about the sample in the final track but it's pretty cool. And dig the cover.
The rest of their discography is up for free download on their myspace, and based on the quality of this EP, I'd say they're worth a gander(ing).

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Undertakers Circus - Ragnarock

Undertakers Circus was a twelve-piece (apparent pair missed the photo-op) rock group from Oslo, Norway.
The band was founded in 1967, characterized by their dense horn-section and jazz influence, making for unique renditions of rock/psych/folk songs.
The band's first LP 'Ragnarock' was released five years after their initial singles, finally seeing light on Polydor records in 1973.

Highly slept on stuff -- the group is noted for being one of the first Norwegian rock bands to have politically heavy lyrics, and language barriers aside, it's evident they had their own spin on the conventional styles of the time. The album goes from straight out cardboard-cutting blasts (such as personal favorite "Løfte"), into the more obscure and delightfully weird dirges and sing-alongs.

Congas, flute, bass, brass, bells & whistles...
Def worth checking out.
They released one more album in 1975 as Undertakers Cirkus before disbanding in 1976, 'Brød & Cirkus

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Azat - Hesitate

Latest track from Azat.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sailors With Wax Wings - s/t

Sailors With Wax Wings is a side-project of Pyramids creator R. Loren. He enlisted a who's-who for this atmospheric debut, which should be enough to pique your interest past any sort of influential review: Ted Parsons (Swans/Godflesh/Prong), Colin Marston (Krallice/Behold…The Arctopus), Aidan Baker (Nadja), Simon Scott (Slowdive), Dominick Fernow (Prurient/Cold Cave), Vern Rumsey (Unwound), Hildur Gudnadottir (Múm/Throbbing Gristle/The Knife), Aaron Stainthorpe (My Dying Bride), Jonas Renkse (Katatonia), Marissa Nadler, J. Leah, James Blackshaw, [and artwork by] David Tibet (Current 93) and Faith Coloccia (Mamiffer/Pyramids).

Basically the album operates as a shoegaze/dreamy collision of tremolo guitars and vocal effects often interspersed male/female. It lulls in some spots, but intentionally so, and repeat listens really give the feeling of experimentation while holding onto a fundamental sound -- guitars often criss-cross and intersect, the drums feel disconnected, vocal effects warble into clean, and in choice moments, the album explores darker territories that contrast perfectly with the otherwise ethereal.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Babe Ruth - First Base

Babe Ruth were a rock band from England active throughout the 70's (along their latest release in 2009). The band has changed lineups multiple times throughout their total of six, with 'First Base' their debut in 1973. The band is known for their heavy/groove form of rock, led by the power-vox of Janita Haan.

I haven't checked out much else of their stuff, but this album is pretty cool. From the extended jam of "King Kong" to the standout "The Mexican" gets some repeat.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Ayso, friend RQM sent me a heads up on his new video for "Atomic Fusion" (from his 'Colors Fade' EP).
Maybe with permission I'll up robot koch's latest EP they hooked up, cover art alone is pretty sweet (not to mention he just released his latest, 'Songs for Trees & Cyborgs'):

Lastly of second, got an email from AFTA-1 on his latest project, which made me wish I'd check my email more often. In his words:

"I have once again begun a new journey In my creative process... Life Translations :

At heart, Life Translations is a daily experimental journey I have begun, intended to remove expectation and fear from the art that I am inspired to create through my life experience.

To further explain, Life Translations are my daily meditations; creations reflective of my daily life experience. They are pieces of music / photo / video / any art, inclusive of sounds and imagery collected from my immediate surrounding; created, and essentially completed in the same day, so as to maintain the purity of the initial inspiration which birthed the art.

The Idea is to Live, Collect, Translate, and Release. I live life, collect audible and visual fragments of my experience throughout the day, compile them with as little editing and interference as possible, then give away the purest form of the creation, before more layers or pieces are added.

It is a process I am thoroughly enjoying and learning a lot from every day. Very blessed that I can share it with all of you, and hopefully provide some healing L O V E tones for your own day to day."

So far he's released four of these, I compiled them into one folder but check back cause he'll likely update in-between brushing your teeth. And if you haven't bought/heard his last release 'F O R M' yet you R E A L L Y S H O U L D , I M O .
Each track has its own individual art (titled them for ya nice peepz), I just chose his cover for "Occasional Seed".

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Joshua - Curvature of the Mouth [EP]

Joshua is the work of Joshua Gibbs, recently releasing his EP '
Curvature of the Mouth' for free alongside some literal tasty packages; if you buy it, he'll make and deliver a tasty sandwich included with your cassette or CD...

Curvature of the Mouth' marks the first in a set to be released by December, with his upcoming 'Jersey St.' due the following month.
The EP is 6 tracks, described as ambient acoustic -- all instruments and voices are done by Gibbs save the bowed-bass provided by Dean English on "Turtles", which is all around my favorite track on the EP...
A nice weaving of samples, clicks/claps, strings and sings -- just over thirteen minutes and definitely worth re-visiting/keeping tabs.

Friday, September 24, 2010

[MIX] Free Three


Was going to post some albums but going on a drive this weekend, made this for such purposes...
Most of these are from albums already posted on here, so if you like something that's dead just give me a shout for re-ups. 42 tracks, exactly three hours, 41 artists, alphabetical.
Can't have just
one Showbiz & A.G. track...


1. AFTA-1 - "Prelude To MeMeaningWE"
2. Alucard - "Clear Face Mask (ft. Ide & Critical)
3. The Big Sleep - "Slow Race"
4. Book Of Dead Names - "how to become an assassin"
5. Braintax - "Opening Titles (ft. Skinnyman)"
6. Bright Eyes - "The Calender Hung Itself..."
7. Broken Haze - "Counter Attack (ft. Joga)"
8. Channel Live - "Alpha & Omega"
9. Cheese People - "Down & Down"
10. Comadre - "Hit Me Up On My Celly Cell"
11. Deceptikon - "The Humans Return"
12. The Dillinger Escape Plan - "We Are The Storm"
13. E-Life - "Gunz & Ammo"
14. Eden Maine - "I Am What You Are"
15. fbcfabric & Reindeer - "Soulsuck"
16. Genelec & Memphis Reigns - "Organisms"
17. Gorod - "Chronicle from the Stone Age"
18. Happy Family - "The Sushi Bar (with bad face, bad manners, and bad taste)"
19. The Hellacopters - "(Gotta Get Some Action) Now!"
20. Isis - "Weight"
21. Konceptual Dominance - "Rock The Disco (ft. Ka Auditron Ba)"
22. Korekyojinn - "Betwixt"
23. Lord By Fire - "Ride With Thunder And Love"
24. The Moth - "Bright Lights"
25. Mumbles (ft. Aceyalone) - "Freedom Now!"
26. The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg - "Farming Japanese"
27. Nine - "Uncivilized"
28. The Psychic Paramount - "Gamelan Into the Mink Supernatural"
29. Red Animal War - "Right Now, Today, I Don't Believe In Hell"
30. Reef The Lost Cauze - "Crumbs (ft. King Magnetic)"
31. robot koch - "Hard To Find"
32. Shora - "Discussing Watercolor Techniques"
33. Showbiz & A.G. - "He Say, She Say"
34. Showbiz & A.G. - "I'm Not The One"
35. Tulus - "Allow No Light"
36. Tuna Laguna - "Arrival of the Rhino"
37. Ungdomskulen - "Witches Mate In The Underground"
38. Vakill - "Heart Bleeds"
39. Woven Hand - "The Threshingfloor"
40. Yura Yura Teikoku - "恋がしたい"
41. 1000names - "Ice Is the Silent Language"
42. 13ghosts - "Photographs"

The album art is just a cropping of John Martin's "The Last Man";
Have a good weekend.:

[MIX] Free Three

Friday, September 10, 2010

Barking Dogs Never Bite

Hey kidhos,
I'm currently in a college computer lab acting like a student,
which basically means I'm not writing about Kantian ethics (lol more liek KUNTian ethics, mirite?).
[...actually Kant is kinda kool, like Mortal Kombat]

Basically I moved to a new place and have no series of tubes until the 17th, so at best (but not least) you might get some more youtubery or perhaps some mixes that have already earned me noise complaints in my new apartment. Shiii, I heard people complaining while I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox...Not to mention nobody appreciates my crowned cigs outside [note: I just smoke the tobacco to look tuff].

But hey,
I've been reading Dracula for the first time,
it's kinda badass.

So on that note*,
I ain't emo,
I'm just ev-ol
I like to destroy the e-go in arro-gant people.
later days, nugras


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lights for Nero - Dying to Shed Light on the Narrow Path of the Anathema Heist

Debut 2003 album from Lights for Nero.
Features lots of early/alternate versions of songs found on the later 2004 '
...And Little Lambs Eat Nations', like favorites "Chalk Outlines Cover the Dance Floors", previously as "How the Plane Crash Became a Cliché" (which on this is "Track 9"), and some other variations/surprises.
There's also some banjo shredding. Some pinky in the air sax-sections, complete with warbling samples. Spoken word spokenry. And in general lots of punkery and scramz.
If it was jelly I would put it on my toast, and I don't eat jelly.
& re-upped the old-newer with some fixed tracklistings/tags.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blonde Redhead - Penny Sparkle

Upcoming full-length 'Penny Sparkle' from Blonde Redhead, due in the States on September 14th...
If you're in the Europe area give them some dolla-dolla bills ya'll during their upcoming tour. Pound(s), dawg? If not euro gonna' be sorry? Some Danish/Norwegian kroner for selling your Mortal Kombat? Slice up some Swiss francs? Maybe some cookies?

09-15 Geneva, Switzerland - La Batie
09-16 Paris, France - Bataclan
09-18 Brussels, Belgium - AB
09-19 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg
09-21 Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega
09-22 Oslo, Norway - Rockefeller
09-23 Stockholm, Sweden - Debaser
09-24 Helsinki, Finland - Virgin Oil Co.
09-29 London, England - Shepherd's Bush Empire

link removed by request

Monday, August 9, 2010

mewithoutYou - Brother, Sister

Fifth/Former member guitarist Christopher Kleinberg pictured

mewithoutYou is an experimental (re: good) rock group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The group is known for their introspective and profound lyrics spoken/shouted from vocalist Aaron Weiss, whom with his brother Michael (guitar) founded the group as a "side project" in 2001 aside The Operation, solely releasing, 'There Is Hope For A Tree Cut Down'
(loosely a lyric from my favorite song on the present-mentioned 2006 'Brother, Sister' album).
Not to detract from bassist Greg Jehanian and drummer Rickie Mazzotta, who provide the ground-pound/free-form wonderment that holds the shaking beauty of the Weiss brothers' angular temperament together, or additionally the voice/horn cameo orchestration lining the album.

Jesus (literally) - what an amazing album.
Their entire discography is worth unearthing, but this album gracefully shifts from track to track, maintaining both literal symbolism as well as tonal likeness; the spiritual outpour is heard from every drip, accumulating to a deluge divinely felt above or below the flood. In keeping connection -- it might not be perfect, but you'll be quick to forgive & retrace any fault.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Live from the Inside

Pic unrelated; though also badass so possibly related.
(William Shakespeare Burton, The Wounded Cavalier)

I don't usually do this, but I'm currently incapable of delivering on the real. Most of these were uploaded by yours truly, so this isn't entirely lazy. Maybe I'll turn this into an infrequent/frequent thing where I just post songs/songs from albums I posted in the past to keep them fresh in your ears' mind.
I could post links to the albums but that isn't near as fun for you guyz/galz; sometimes you just need to tackle things like Indianapolis Jones and discover things on your own.
Cuz these songs belong in a museum.
(So do you!)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Otomo Yoshihide

Optical*8 is a four-piece Japanese experimental rock group.
The band consists of Hoppy Kamiyama (vocals, synthesizers, samples, violin), Reck (guitar, metal cavasa, bass),
Masafumi Minato (metal cavasa, backing vocal, drums) and probably the most-known of the group - Otomo Yoshihide (guitar, turntables, backing vocal) of Ground Zero.

Most of the lyrics seem seshual in nature and are frantically interjected through the band's drum/bass heavy sound; extended jams pulverize some of the beefier tracks, with pockets of weird experimentation present throughout.
Both of these '94 releases essentially round-out their discography (minus their '92 self-titled that I can't find), with 'Bug' being my personal favorite.



Friday, July 9, 2010

Swollen Members - Balance

1999 debut album from the Vancouver based hip-hop collective Swollen Members.
The group was founded in the mid-nineties between Mad Child, Prevail, and Moka Only, earning a following in Canada's hip hop scene and spurring the release of 'Balance'; the album included tracks with vets Aceyalone, Dilated Peoples, and Del - as well as future longtime producer/collaborator Rob the Viking.

Moka Only left the group (twice) to pursue his solo career, officially leaving as a permanent member in 2005.

I haven't come around to much of SM's newer material, and oddly enough I'm not huge on Moka Only's solo stuff, but in my opinion this debut is among the most consistent in hip-hop...
Also worth checking out their 2001 follow-up album 'Bad Dreams'.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kimono - Arctic Death Ship

Kimono (often stylized 'kimono') are an Icelandic-Canadian alternative/math-rock three piece.
The band came from the ashes of an instrumental post-rock group, continuing under Kimono with the inclusion of vocals.
Kimono released 2 albums under the Icelandic label Bad Taste (Sugarcubes' label from '86). The latter of these two albums was 2005's '
Arctic Death Ship', which was well-received especially in Iceland; nominated but losing out to Sigur Ros' 'Takk' for Iceland's Rock Album of the Year.
Album arrives as an enjoyable listen and leaves as one, with highlights like "Sober" and "Railroads" pushing repeat listens.

Their latest is '
Easy Music for Difficult People'.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Folk You

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Leon - Biting

Leon is a longtime producer/MC from Italy, operating as a group (Alchimisti di rime) but often releases beat-driven instrumentals independently.
His newest solo-project is '
Biting'; sample-filled hip-hop instrumentals following his budding production work with rapper Mega.

Been deep in hip-hop instrumentals lately (AFTA-1's newest 'Form', previous BoomBaptist, 1000names' newest '
Illuminated Man', etc.) and this album has found a nice place in the mix -- readily on repeat with the agreeable 25 minutes of material.


Friday, June 4, 2010

BoomBaptist - BoomBaptism Beat Tape

BoomBaptist (AKA Thesaurus Rex) is a beatmaker/MC residing in Austin, TX.
Along working with artists like Mr. Lif and Blackalicious, BoomBap has released a handful of solo releases - including his latest 'BoomBaptism Beat Tape' - a 28-track collection of his finest.
Some nice ideas/beats and a big chunk of material, stay up.

Score some more free releases from his bandcamp.

BoomBaptism Beat Tape

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Matt Stevens - Ghost

Another quality release from friend Matt Stevens.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Snow & Voices - Anything That Moves

Snow & Voices is a collective from Los Angeles stemming from duo Lauri Kranz (vocals) and Jebin Bruni (multi-instrumentalist/production).
The forefront of their sound is keyboard-driven arrangements with Kranz warmly accenting dirges, sitting center in the group's whimsical/melancholy nature.
The group just released their latest full-length, 'Anything That Moves', with longtime producer/friend Darrel Thorp (Radiohead, etc.) and Bruni himself (Fiona Apple, etc.), also implementing a huge spectrum of collaborators to fill out the album/live shows.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tribeqa - Qolors

In association with warmer weather: new Tribeqa.

tRiBEQA - "Rose" from Sébastien Marqué on Vimeo.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Neon Blonde

Neon Blonde is an experimental rock group featuring then-Blood Brothers Johnny Whitney and Mark Gajadhar. The duo integrated more of an electroclash/post-punk sound under Neon Blonde, but maintained the signature spazz The Blood Brothers were known for.

Whitney took up guitar/songwriting duties (plus backing instruments) for the project but the pair only released the '
Headlines' EP and 'Chandeliers in the Savannah' full-length, both in 2005, before returning to other projects.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Broken Haze - raid system

Broken Haze is the alias of Keisuke Ito, a Japanese experimental electronica hip-hop producer whose futuristic music is composed with glitchy digital noise, lazer synth, chopped melody, industrial drum sound, and dark cinematic ambience.

His track off the 'Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break present: Oscillations Part 1' compilation prompted me to check out his 2008 full-length '
raid system', an IDM/glitch affair with an hour+ of material.

Might be a big pill to swallow all at once, but any fans of Deceptikon, Ametsub, Kashiwa Daisuke, etc. should give this a try -- maybe even scope some similar artists from the latest Oscillation.