Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Undertakers Circus - Ragnarock

Undertakers Circus was a twelve-piece (apparent pair missed the photo-op) rock group from Oslo, Norway.
The band was founded in 1967, characterized by their dense horn-section and jazz influence, making for unique renditions of rock/psych/folk songs.
The band's first LP 'Ragnarock' was released five years after their initial singles, finally seeing light on Polydor records in 1973.

Highly slept on stuff -- the group is noted for being one of the first Norwegian rock bands to have politically heavy lyrics, and language barriers aside, it's evident they had their own spin on the conventional styles of the time. The album goes from straight out cardboard-cutting blasts (such as personal favorite "Løfte"), into the more obscure and delightfully weird dirges and sing-alongs.

Congas, flute, bass, brass, bells & whistles...
Def worth checking out.
They released one more album in 1975 as Undertakers Cirkus before disbanding in 1976, 'Brød & Cirkus


Torgeir said...

Don't know if you're from Norway or not, but it's a good thing to discover that someone else share my enthusiasm for this wonderful band. The album "Ragnarock" is by far the best album I have ever heard. I get goosebumps every time I put the record on. My personal favourite is "2007". It's so beautiful to hear when Thor sings on "nynorsk". Unfortunately music like that is like the polar-bear, too close to extinction. Good to see that someone else is trying to keep their music alive by spreading the word :)

lessMTVmoreTMV said...

The fact his name is Thor is cool enough...

But aye, not from Norway...though I probably share the mountain blood, haha.

2007 is a great track too...

But np, easy to like what I like & pass it along. Cool that there's some fans around.
& word on the polar bears, coke commercials/life wouldn't be the same without them.