Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lights for Nero - Dying to Shed Light on the Narrow Path of the Anathema Heist

Debut 2003 album from Lights for Nero.
Features lots of early/alternate versions of songs found on the later 2004 '
...And Little Lambs Eat Nations', like favorites "Chalk Outlines Cover the Dance Floors", previously as "How the Plane Crash Became a Cliché" (which on this is "Track 9"), and some other variations/surprises.
There's also some banjo shredding. Some pinky in the air sax-sections, complete with warbling samples. Spoken word spokenry. And in general lots of punkery and scramz.
If it was jelly I would put it on my toast, and I don't eat jelly.
& re-upped the old-newer with some fixed tracklistings/tags.