Friday, September 10, 2010

Barking Dogs Never Bite

Hey kidhos,
I'm currently in a college computer lab acting like a student,
which basically means I'm not writing about Kantian ethics (lol more liek KUNTian ethics, mirite?).
[...actually Kant is kinda kool, like Mortal Kombat]

Basically I moved to a new place and have no series of tubes until the 17th, so at best (but not least) you might get some more youtubery or perhaps some mixes that have already earned me noise complaints in my new apartment. Shiii, I heard people complaining while I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox...Not to mention nobody appreciates my crowned cigs outside [note: I just smoke the tobacco to look tuff].

But hey,
I've been reading Dracula for the first time,
it's kinda badass.

So on that note*,
I ain't emo,
I'm just ev-ol
I like to destroy the e-go in arro-gant people.
later days, nugras