Friday, October 8, 2010


Ayso, friend RQM sent me a heads up on his new video for "Atomic Fusion" (from his 'Colors Fade' EP).
Maybe with permission I'll up robot koch's latest EP they hooked up, cover art alone is pretty sweet (not to mention he just released his latest, 'Songs for Trees & Cyborgs'):

Lastly of second, got an email from AFTA-1 on his latest project, which made me wish I'd check my email more often. In his words:

"I have once again begun a new journey In my creative process... Life Translations :

At heart, Life Translations is a daily experimental journey I have begun, intended to remove expectation and fear from the art that I am inspired to create through my life experience.

To further explain, Life Translations are my daily meditations; creations reflective of my daily life experience. They are pieces of music / photo / video / any art, inclusive of sounds and imagery collected from my immediate surrounding; created, and essentially completed in the same day, so as to maintain the purity of the initial inspiration which birthed the art.

The Idea is to Live, Collect, Translate, and Release. I live life, collect audible and visual fragments of my experience throughout the day, compile them with as little editing and interference as possible, then give away the purest form of the creation, before more layers or pieces are added.

It is a process I am thoroughly enjoying and learning a lot from every day. Very blessed that I can share it with all of you, and hopefully provide some healing L O V E tones for your own day to day."

So far he's released four of these, I compiled them into one folder but check back cause he'll likely update in-between brushing your teeth. And if you haven't bought/heard his last release 'F O R M' yet you R E A L L Y S H O U L D , I M O .
Each track has its own individual art (titled them for ya nice peepz), I just chose his cover for "Occasional Seed".