Sunday, March 29, 2009

Voice of the Seven Woods

Voice of the Seven Woods is a folk/psych/world project of Manchester's Rick Tomlinson, known for his extensive festival performances and plethora of 7" releases. His eponymous debut album in 2007 is a collection of eclectic guitar/percussion, switching between a number of stringed instruments (sitar, acoustic/electric guitar, lute, etc) to capture his broad influence of folk/krautrock to Turkish/middle-eastern psych.

This album is a diverse sprawl of sounds, I always come back to it for tracks like, "The Fire in My Head" or the one of two songs with vocals, "Silver Morning Branches"...

A new album should be surfacing soon, with live shows functioning as a trio (Chris Walmsley on drums, Pete Hedley on bass).

Voice of the Seven Woods
mind the graves