Monday, March 9, 2009

Ephel Duath

Tolkien would be proud yet again

So I was thinkin' of something to upload for you waves, when I heard Ephel Duath come on last night...

Ephel Duath is an Italian metal/experimental group that started as a two-piece, but forming member Davide Tiso enlisted more members for their 2003 full length, '
The Painter's Palette', and their 2005 album, 'Pain Necessary To Know'. Since then, the band has undergone a few lineup changes, and now function as a trio...

Really inventive stuff -- each musician brings their own sound to the table enriching the overall product, despite all the off-the-walls dynamics. It's rare to be able to follow each musician and absorb something different each listen, yet still maintain a great collective sound.

Top-notch stuff, crazy mix of punk-rock/jazz-fusion/metal...the band recently released '
Through My Dog's Eyes' in January, and I myself need a late slip, so be sure to check that out (Ben Weinman from Dillinger does electronics on "Bark Loud")...

The Painter's Palette

Pain Necessary To Know
mind the graves


McNutsack said...

Through my Dogs Eyes is fucking terrible....IMO


lessMTVmoreTMV said...

Yeah...gave it a listen earlier -- def not as solid as their other stuff.