Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Angel Eyes - Something to Do With Death

Angel Eyes is a tight ambient/metal/post-whatever group from Chicago -- I came across their 2005 album, "Something to Do With Death" indirectly through one of the band member's blogs (told yaz' these are good for something) back in the day, thought I would share the pie.

The album, taken from a line in Once Upon A Time in the West (upgrade your grey-matter, not your snobbery), is a thunderous four-song wall of builds and tear-downs, with excellently placed samples throughout the album. Really dig the grainy production on this album too, really suits their sound...the drums/vocals especially seem to really hit. The last track/title track is probably the standout for me, shit is just a crushing song.

But yeah, def recommend checking this out and keeping an eye out for their next upcoming full-length (which shouldn't be far off).

Something to Do With Death
mind the graves


Nick the quick said...

Could you re up Angel Eyes - Something to Do With Death ?