Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuna Laguna

Tuna Laguna are a fresh-sounding crew out of Norway, who play a hybrid of post-rock/alternative/experimental tones. But as the band states, "Labels are for jam jars". Good call, fellas.
Anyways, their 2007 album '
Ripples & Swells' is still in rotation with me, alongside their 2004 free-download 'It's a Fudge' EP.

The band focuses on "immediate, catchy and groovy tunes", and sure enough
, they succeed. My favorite track is easily "Arrival of the Rhino" -- cuz' when you hear that bass, you'll know the beast is coming.

Really smooth stuff, currently working on their new material, too...keep your ears open & your eyes peeled,
or else you'll be FUNKAY.

It's A Fudge

Ripples And Swells
mind the graves