Monday, March 16, 2009

This Heat - Deceit

This Heat were a British experimental/noise-rock hybrid formed in 1975, who only released two-albums in their career. Their final album, 'Deceit', is often described as a middle-ground of prog-rock and post-punk, but I'd just say they sounded like dudes influenced by Can and Throbbing Gristle (and they were), determined to carve out their own unique sound with a patch-work of different when the album's producer is a noted reggae producer, you know you'll pick up unique vibes.

The vocals especially can seem grating to the music sometimes, but upon repeat listens, they're just another part of what makes This Heat so unique -- going back to '
Deceit' always makes me feel like the album was so ahead of its time, and even today sounds completely untapped and fresh. Weird comparison for those familiar, but this album reminds me of what Battles were going for on their early EP's...

To the generalization that music sucked in the '80's, I present This Heat.

Deceit (1981)
mind the graves