Thursday, March 5, 2009

Demon Fuzz - Afreaka!

Basically the only existing photo of the group

'Afreaka!' was the only album released by Demon Fuzz (they apparently have another called 'Roots & Offshoots', but I can't find anything about it past -- an Afro-Latin funk/breakbeat/jazz-fusion 7-piece from the UK. The group received little to no attention in their 18-month span, even in the underground British festival-scene, and only now/the past decade have they received attention from various club DJ's/artists sampling their work.

I go back to this album all the time, it incorporates so many styles seamlessly and sounds fresh each listen -- solid production, tight musicianship -- the works. The album features some cover-songs (which I think were bonuses on the re-issue), like the R&B staple "Mercy", but I always come back for their originals like "Disillusioned" -- a tight bass line, tasteful/complimentary keys, with spot-on vocals and flow.

Really great album, give it a chance if unfamiliar.

Afreaka! (1970)
mind the graves