Monday, February 22, 2010

The Tape vs. RQM - Autoreverse

RQM, Robot Koch

The Tape vs. RQM is the collaboration between Berlin producers Robot Koch and Walera Goodman, with spoken-word/flows by New York's MC RQM.
Walera ended up leaving after the Tape's second release,
'Perpetual Dubbing' (though still contributed "Lonely Planet Revisited" to 'Autoreverse'), to pursue other projects.
This led to Robot Koch recruiting RQM, re-working old material for the intent on performing it live as a new duo, blending the already concrete IDM/post-rock influence with RQM's unique rhymes (comparison I'll draw is to Saul Williams, if just the voice...).

'Autoreverse' was the first album made exclusively between Robot Koch/RQM, a sort of free-form hip-hop release that's as beat-focused as it is mutated electronic experimentation; a mash-up that flows less like a mash-up and more like a long-conceived blossoming of ideas.

This album hit me as a stepping stone, all the more interesting that it came out in 2005 (featuring tracks like "Hip Hop Is Dead" pre-Nas HHID) and still sounds so undiscovered.
Another solid project from Robot Koch, def recommended.

"Rainy Summer"