Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crime in Choir - s/t

Crime in Choir is a now-quintet from California.
The band plays a cascade of instrumental, synth-driven math-prog (especially onward from their third full length, 'Trumpery Metier'), featuring ex-members of At the Drive-In (pianist Kenny Hopper and guitarist Jarrett Wrenn), The Fucking Champs (current 1/2 drummers Tim Soete), The Mass (saxophonist Matt Waters), as well as many talented past-members like the octopus-drumming Zach Hill.

Zach Hill was featured on the first two full lengths, 2002's 'Crime in Choir' and 2004's 'The Hoop'. His drumming gives the first two records a distinct sound (also the smaller member line-up), a sort of collision between the ethereal melodic keys and Hill's dynamic drumming that cements every track in your head. His work on 'The Hoop' still might be my favorite Zach Hill recording, out of his myriad of projects.

Absolute recommendation if unfamiliar with the album, and definitely worth checking out their other releases.

Crime in Choir
mind the graves