Monday, February 8, 2010

Messer Chups - Zombie Shopping

Messer Chups are an experimental surf band from St. Petersburg, Russia.
Bass player Oleg Gitarkin is the only remaining founding member, switching to guitar with the inclusion of ZombieGirl in 2005. Messer Chups has since operated as a duo of sorts, with a number of contributing vocalists/drummers, as well as renowned theremin player Lydia Kavina.

2007's 'Zombie Shopping' is something of a surf/sample wonderment, interjecting samples of circus music, jazz, and a large amount of film-influence -- like obscure animated works and B-movie horror films -- into upbeat and often devious sounding surf elements.

I'll admit that a large chunk of these songs blend together, but in terms of the overall sound it seems to work in their favor...really just a cool mix of dark samples with lighter sounds that should please either side of the fence.

Zombie Shopping
mind the graves