Saturday, February 20, 2010

Matt Stevens - Echo

Matt Stevens is a one-man wall of sound who specializes in looping dynamic acoustic-guitar melodies.
Hailing from North London, Stevens has garnered connections to artists such as John McLaughlin and Sigur Rós, and continues to expand on his word of mouth success with his live shows.

His latest album 'Echo' was released as a 'pay what you want' throughout this month, and after finally getting some listens with the album I feel he deserves some more spotlight...
There's usually three to four things going on in any song with his loops, and it's really impressive how much they meld together as much as they stand on their own; simple melodic builds become seemingly complex structures once Stevens has all the pieces in place.

Talented guitarist/composer no doubt.
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Unknown said...

Cheers for posting this and your support

lessMTVmoreTMV said...

No problem man!

Keep me updated on that post-rock stuff, that first song has some awesome things going on.