Monday, February 1, 2010

1000names - Worth Making A Noise About!

1000names is the collaboration between DJ "Casio Blaster" and "99 Mistakes" from Sofia. After a developed love with hip-hop culture, the pair teamed up in the early nineties to make beats, or in their words, "to break the beat".
Among their first releases was their 2008 EP, 'Worth Making A Noise About!', six songs of Dilla inspired blips/swells between bouncy-ball beats.

This type of sound is getting as oversaturated as anything, but it just means all the sweeter for genuinely striving groups like 1000names.
Chill beats/ambiance, nice production, recommended.

Their first full-length '
Toys Room Combat' came out in 2009.

Worth Making A Noise About!
mind the graves