Friday, May 15, 2009

El Guapo - Fake French

El Guapo were an electronic-driven, art-rock/experimental group that started as a two-piece from Washington, DC. Most of their discog operated as a three-piece, but prior to breaking up they had four with the inclusion of Orthrelm drummer Josh Blair. They released two albums on Dischord records -- after six months of recording, the second of the two was released in 2003, "Fake French". I haven't looked into their first on Dischord, which the band later changed their name to -- 'Super/System'.

Much like the Unicorns post a few prior, this album has filled a niche in my catalog of quirky/odd experimental-pop. Unconventional singing, a good mix of man/machine aesthetics, some interesting lyrics, varied instrumentation including oboe's, accordians, etc...

If you dug the Unicorns, or are just looking for a slice of something different, really recommend checking this.

Fake French
mind the graves