Wednesday, May 6, 2009

fbcfabric & Reindeer - It's Not Who You Know, It's Whom You Know

fbcfabric & Reindeer are an underground duo from the UK, who make an offshoot of shoegaze/hip-hop music. fbcfabric composes all of the sounds, and Reindeer handles the vocals/rhymes.

Their sound could be compared to the likes of certain Anticon artists (more liek Anticolor mirite), with their blending of shoegaze/ambience, and nasal-pitched flows. Personally, I think the majority of Anticon output I've heard is bunk garbage -- I only mention as a means of separation for this album, cuz while the philosophies might be the same, this album breathes more substance in my opinion.

All that aside, 'It's Not Who You Know, It's Whom You Know' made a tiny splash when it was released in 2005, enough to the point that the original has sold out. The album has since been re-released (this past Feb) as a CD/DVD package, so it's nice to see they're getting more play-time.

This album features Reindeer on like the first four tracks, followed by a few downtempo numbers, then Reindeer rejoins for the last couple songs...which makes the album flow together really nicely. fbcfabric uses everything from television infomercials, organs played backwards, to trains and rain in the distance to sound-out the album's mood. Quality stuff.


It's Not Who You Know, It's Whom You Know
mind the graves


Panop said...

me likey

lessMTVmoreTMV said...


I remember this album grew on me after repeat listens, album def flows really smoothly