Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MYERS - MYERS aka SWITCH Collection

MYERS is a friend of mine from the myspace heyday, dude from El Paso who was making beats in his spare time for solo work and other peeps. I would check back on his stuff now and again, so he hooked me up proper with a collection of his stuff, 'MYERS aka SWITCH Collection'. I've had this for probably two years -- relistened to it again a few days ago and asked MYERS if it would be cool to host it (he said yeah obviously, he's cool like that).

Standouts for me include his sampling of Bright Eyes' "Sunrise, Sunset", or the Winkie chant from Wizard of Oz (notably used on the "KGB" song from Binary Star), but overall just a solid listen.

Keep tabs and show support.

MYERS aka SWITCH Collection
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