Monday, May 25, 2009

Withdrawal - The Perfectionist Blacklist

Scoured the internet to bring you these faces.

Here's a gem. This group from Cali (or maybe Portland?) spent 20 months in the studio to make their one and only release, 'The Perfectionist Blacklist' in 2006. Describing this album is kind of difficult, because it covers a wide range of styles/moods, but I'd say it's an experimental-punk/rock amalgamation.

At the forefront of their unique sound, was their vocalist Jason Dodge, who at will could switch from the band's mellow intricacies to flat-out belting the song forward. Dodge's voice may come as an acquired taste (took myself one or two listens to fully-appreciate), as sometimes his wailing can work against him in the context of the song -- but overall, pretty unique. All of the musicians are talented though -- really enjoyed some of the drummer's input.

Sometimes this band could linger around simply "decent" (like the opening song, probably the weakest of the tracks) but when they're on -- tracks like "Oil & Water", "I, Claudius", and my personal favorite/album closer "The Struggle", they could be downright savage.

Highly recommend checking this out, especially since the album has become almost non-existent on disc/the interwebs. And cuz, yanno, it's pretty good.

The Perfectionist Blacklist
mind the graves


Eddie said...

really dig this - cheers for the up!

lessMTVmoreTMV said...

no problem =O glad you dig

that jam/transition to those wind-instruments/whale sounds on the last track grabs me every time

Vendetagainst said...

Link is dead. Please re-up?

lessMTVmoreTMV said...

I might be able to do that now since the band is defunct. Didn't see your msg. I'll check back but if you're still around or get this notification I can probably re-up it for you.