Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Dinosaur Jr. guitarist J Mascis and longtime friend/bass-player Dave Sweetapple formed Witch in 2005. It's also crucial to note that Mascis doesn't play guitar -- he plays drums. The band could be lumped into the "stoner rock" tag -- lots of big grooves, catchy guitar parts/sweeping solos, psych vocals...

Everyone appreciates some Mascis/Dinosaur Jr., and I was really surprised to hear how good of a drummer he is -- the drums really separate this album from most standardized stoner rock; Mascis displays some pretty finesse chops throughout the album (but all musicians involved really bring it together).

Was introduced to this about a week ago by a friend, and then as fate works, musical comrade Marcus from Sometime-World upped the album -- really digging the energy on this release alongside the (finally) warmer weather approaching.

I haven't heard their follow-up 2008 album, 'Paralyzed', but their eponymous debut has more than filled the void. Anyone with heavy-ears give this a go.

Witch (2006)
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