Friday, April 17, 2009

A Message: Brought To You By lMmT

Hey, hey you -- lurkin' in the bushes and shit -- got a few things I thought I should let you know:

1. If you guys ever want me to re-up a dead link, your best bet is to leave me a message in the dropbox over there on the left <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I don't have message indicators on or whatever, meaning if a comment is made to an old post I'm completely oblivious. I was going through some olllld posts recently and noticed some recent comments for re-ups, which I'm more than happy to do (for the people interested in those FULLARMOR albums, they should be re-upped by the time you read this).

Or just comment a recent post, as I'm more likely to notice it -- don't be afraid to post comments, either...I'd actually prefer to know who is getting what, whether or not you enjoy a post, etc. If comments aren't your style, "Follow" my blog, it's a painless way to inflate my ego and will likely cause me to post more frequently (..maybe).


1. If you're an artist who wants to submit/have me check out some of your stuff, your best bet is to email me at my blog email:

I'm pretty horrible at checking my email, so if you submit something to me and don't hear back via email within a week or so of sending it, feel free to post a comment in the dropbox to let me know what's up.

Submitting something won't guarantee I'll post it/review it, but at the very least I guarantee I'll give it a listen and give you personal feedback.

2. If you're an artist/label/robot who wants work removed from my page, your best bet is to comment on the entry, UNLESS IT'S OLD (as mentioned above), in which case the best bet is the dropbox <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


The moral of this story for both parties, is don't be afraid to contact me for whatever reason, contrary to existing on the internet, I'm actually a pretty nice robot from time to time.

Lastly, to preach to all the anonymous lurkers about -- be sure to support the artists. I'm not a musical-nazi who believes support is synonymous with $$, but if you dig anything I up here, make an effort to give the artist the credit they deserve; shoot them an email, tell a friend about them, go to a show, if willing and able buy some of their shit -- anything to give back or show your appreciation for what they do.

Cuz' you know what they say about unreasonable pirates...SEALs don't miss, mang.