Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Mars Volta - Remixes

It shouldn't be a secret that I dig The Mars Volta, I think they're one of the best acts in music today, and musicians alike across all genres would seemingly back that statement.

Thought I would upload and share some remixes of their work, handled by El-P, DJ Nobody, and Wes the Mex. I left out a few remixes, as there have been multiple re-interpretations of their work, but these selected I thought were some of the more interesting takes.

Also thought I'd make a post to share their first released single, for their upcoming '
Octahedron' album. Pretty sure this track is from a radio rip, and if I'm not mistaken, like all their singles, it seems to be clipped here and there -- but still worth an early listen. And finally, if you haven't caught word of their project with Zach Hill that was recently released, I'd suggest looking into that.

Tracklist (Volta Remixed):

1. Askepios (DJ Nobody Remix)
2. Goliath (El-P Remix)

3. Ouroborous (DJ Nobody Remix)

4. Tourniquet Man (Wes the Mex Remix)
5. The Widow (El-P Remix)

Volta Remixed
mind the graves


Lara said...

I got the single yesterday and I noticed it seemed sort of clipped. But it seems promising ayee.

lessMTVmoreTMV said...

Aye, wasn't what I was expecting, song has def grown on me though. Quality for a single/radio rip

what did you think of Cryptomnesia?

FakeMoustache said...

really really cool imo

Anonymous said...


lessMTVmoreTMV said...

yessir, it's back. :)