Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Azat - Make a Record of Your Voice and Send It to Him

Azat is an instrumental hip-hop/soul/funk project of a gent from Turkey -- he was nice enough to email me and give me a heads up on his one track/24+ minute cyclone 'Make a Record of Your Voice and Send It to Him'. He employs a number of samples, some familiar, some not so familiar -- but all of them meld seamlessly throughout the track's entirety. It's stuff like this that really keeps me doing this -- the fact that he contacted me and was willing to share this is really special, also a definite plus that it's actually really good.

So Azat, if you're out there reading this -- THANK YOU. And for the rest of you waves, keep tabs and show support.

Make a Record of Your Voice and Send It to Him
mind the graves


Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely sh*t!

A friend just gave me a taste of this track. Love it. Had to google Azat and the name of the track - that's how I came upon your blog. Quite cool that he sent it to you.

Hey Azat, if you read this, make some more music, friend. The world can always use more lovely, lovely sh*t! In fact, it needs it!

Peace from Canada's West Coast...