Monday, April 6, 2009

Louis Logic - Sin-A-Matic

Louis Logic is a NY underground MC, known for his prior work in Demigodz (ft. Celph Titled, among others), solo-releases, and his more recent official-collaboration alongside producer J.J. Brown.

2003 gave rise to Louis' debut solo album, '
Sin-A-Matic', a quick-witted and fresh release that carved him out mention as one of the better upcoming MC's among underground hip-hop heads.

My introduction to Louis connected instantly; it brought me back to my younger years, of my brother and I secretly listening to Em's first CD hidden from our parents -- that introduction of twisted comedy found in hip-hop. I only mention Em, because Louis reminded me of him -- clear, enunciated flow, similar stylings, quick-wit, dark humor, and at times, able to make you stir. And in a nutshell, I think that's what '
Sin-A-Matic' is -- only in my opinion, executed better for the current generation.

While some of you probably stopped reading at the mention of Eminem, recognize they're completely different entities, and I'm just filling space on the page -- so don't fret if the mention puts a bad taste in your mouth (and it really shouldn't, not going to lie, Em is a talented lyricist and MC, song quality past albums is up for question..).

Not going to talk this up any more, but please believe it's one of the better hip-hop albums the past ten years -- a few overdone lyrics aside, really isn't a bad track on the entirety of the album, in fact they're all pretty damn
good...the connected "Best Friends"/"Revenge" gives me goosebumps every listen, no RL Stine needed.

Look into his other stuff if you dig this, like the 80's Edition of this album (which is the same, only the samples are from the 80's -- more light-hearted version), or some of his more recent work...def one of the better MC's in the waves today.

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