Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wayne Shorter - Speak No Evil

Wayne Shorter is regarded as one of the best jazz-saxophonists and composers of his generation -- many of his works became jazz standards. Shorter was a part of the Miles Davis Quintet after Coltrane left, and is said to be one of the only musicians who brought Davis entire compositions that remained unchanged -- Herbie Hancock believed him to be the master writer of the group.

In 1964, simultaneously alongside the Miles Davis Quintet, Shorter released what many of his fans consider his best, 'Speak No Evil'. Shorter's vision of the album included 'misty landscapes with wild flowers and strange, dimly-seen shapes' along with influence from fairy-tales and 'witch-burnings'.
Features Elvin Jones among other music greats...choice album to relax.

Just never interrupt a man in a jazz-trance.

Speak No Evil
mind the graves