Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tribes of Neurot - Adaptation & Survival

Tribes of Neurot is the side project of the members of Neurosis (+ others), their more experimental/ambient outlet so to speak. They have two albums meant to coincide with Neurosis albums (played at the same time), but they also have unique releases exclusive of Neurosis, such as the double-disc 'Adaptation & Survival'. A large make-up of this album involves distorted/altered bug noises that set the foundation for all the intricacies laced between...

Album is a great example of unconventional sounds to achieve unique and interesting songs. But it isn't just that it's "interesting" -- the album has a great flow and is actually a rewarding listen.

I mean, altered bug-symphonies of mystery and despair? What's not to love?

Adaptation & Survival
mind the graves