Monday, June 15, 2009

Rome - To Die Among Strangers

Rome is an "apocalyptic martial folk" act from Luxembourg, a three-piece founded/spearheaded by Jerome Reuter. Recently got into this group from their latest EP, 'To Die Among Strangers'.
The EP features 3 re-worked tracks, mostly from the prior full length 'Masse Mench Material'. The last song on the EP is supposed to be a sign of things to come on the soon-upcoming, 'Flowers From Exile'; "Mourir A Madrid" is my favorite on the EP, and really what sparked my interest in the group.

Recommend checking this out, and 'Masse Mensch Material'. Some darker vibes pulled-off well, good usage of vocal samples/spoken-word passages -- even if the monologue on the last track reminded me of Nigel's introduction to "Stonehenge"..

I guess just less hilarious and more evil.

To Die Among Strangers [EP 2009]
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