Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jamie Vex'd - In System Travel EP

Jamie Vex'd is an upcoming producer/beatmaker from the UK. As most of my music discoveries go, I stumbled upon Vexd through his newest EP's artwork. The difference this time was that I actually recognized the work of the cover-artist, Brazil's fantastic Bruno 9li. 9li has a really signature style/color-balance, so the cover for 'In System Travel' clicked instantly.

Bruno at work


Kinda cool when shit like that just comes full-circle...
As far as the music goes on this 3-song EP, you'll find some futuristic beats and moods (à la
FlyLo/Afta-1) that ultimately will leave you wanting more with a proper full-length. Recommended listen/musician to watch. Plus you can stare at the art just long enough for the EP to finish.

In System Travel [EP]
mind the graves